This interactive platform gives you the ability to augment the reality around you. Use the in-app features to virtually draw, paint, and tag the physical space around you for others to find

Interact with other users

Next Dimension is designed to be interactive on a global scale. Create art with hi-tech messages for future travelers. You never know who will come across your markings! Watch as others encounter the images you’ve left behind.

Like & Comment

Don’t just create – engage! Let other users know what you think of the content they made in your favorite places. Like and comment on the images you find, as well as enjoy the likes and comments on your own.

Report Posts

It’s our priority to ensure Next Dimension remains safe and fun for everyone who downloads the app. Our easy-to-use report feature is designed to keep every world free from offensive content and material.

What Makes Next Dimension Special

With new creative apps being developed all the time, we are constantly immersed with information and self-expression. Most apps, though, merely let you create and share – that’s it. Next Dimension is the only app that lets you explore and discover how others have marked their environment. The world around you becomes a news feed waiting to be uncovered.

Paint the town

Create the changes you want to see in the world with easy to use features

HD Art Palette

raw, doodle, and sketch with a variety of brush sizes and color options. Your art can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Anyone, of any skill level, can put finger to screen and paint the world. Size, altitude, and location can be adjusted before publishing. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Use Existing Images

Don’t feel like drawing from your imagination? No problem! You can upload your favorite images and place them exactly where you want them to be! You have complete control over the size, altitude, and location of your creations. With GIF support, you can even more realism to your fantasy with motion and movement

Adding Content

Follow these simple 4 steps to publish your content

Change what you see around you

Next Dimension uses augmented reality to make your imagination come to life! Whether it’s aliens in the clouds or sharks on a mountainside, use your creativity to color your everyday sights anew. Download the app today!

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